10 Best Anime to Watch on Netflix 2020

There are several ways to enjoy watching anime such as TV, DVDs, YouTube and other anime streaming platforms. And one of the cool ways to watch anime are on Netflix.

Netflix allows you to watch anime and other movies and TV programs unlimitedly just for around 10 dollars per month, offering its service in over 190 countries. By downloading your favorite anime on Netflix, you can watch them anywhere without worrying about Internet data usage.

This is the list of 10 best anime to watch on Netflix, which will help you to find your next target, Of course, it will be an opener for beginners to start watching anime.

Please be noted that there would never enough time for you to watch anime on Netflix if you are obsessed with them 😀

1. Studio Ghibli Movies

There is a lineup of the famous Studio Ghibli movies from the top-rated Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away to the classic My Neighbor Totoro and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on Netflix around the globe (except Japan, United States and Canada) from 2020. You should try all of the Ghibli films since you can get the unlimited access to them!
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2. Dragon Ball Z

The highlight of the classic Japanese anime and manga series Dragon Ball is Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボールZ). The story is based on the time when the main character Goku fas grown up following the first series “Dragon Ball”. Dragon Ball Z is the first anime that made the establishment of the anime genre of action by using unique techniques like Kamehameha.
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4. Pocket Monster/Pokémon

Pocket Monster/Pokémon (ポケットモンスター) has been more and more famous and popular all over the world. The season 1 of the anime series started in 1997 after releasing the original video game, and the anime is still going on. The main character Satoshi travels around the world with his partner Pikachu and other Pokemon. Both kids and adults can enjoy watching the anime.
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5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン), which is also abbreviated as EVA, is one of the most famous and popular anime in the world. Neon Genesis Evangelion contributed a lot to the anime industry before 2000s when anime was never more popular than now. Giant humanoid robots “Evangelions” piloted by the main characters Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami and other teenagers battle with unidentifiable enemies “Angels”.
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6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST) is one of the most famous sci-fi anime worldwide, based on the original manga with 27 volumes. Alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse loses their part of body or the whole body since they violate a taboo. The previous title Fullmetal Alchemist is totally different from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which ends up with the anime’s original story.
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7. Gin Tama

For a popular comedy anime, Gin Tama (銀魂), originally made as a Weekly Shonen Jump manga that completed its story in 2018, is your thing to watch on Netflix. The setting of Gin Tama is the fictional Edo period in Japan which was invaded by aliens. The unique world is inspired by various essences in the real world including topical news, politics, pop cultures and so on.
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8. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins (七つの大罪) is an adventure anime, based on the popular manga with 41 volumes. The main character Meliodas, who is the leader of a group of knights named Seven Deadly Sins embarks on adventures to save the Liones Kingdom getting asked by the Liones’ third princess Elizabeth.
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9. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン) is known as one of the most famous ongoing anime and light novels. The protagonist Kirito and the heroine Asuna play the MMORPG named Sword Art Online diving into the virtual reality world. The player’s brain is connected to the game physically and mentally.
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10. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Speaking of one of the modern anime trends, you cannot avoid the genre of Isekai anime where the characters are sent to the parallel world from their daily lives. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活) is one of the best popular Isekai anime to watch on Netflix. You may find the anime with the title “Re: Life in a different world from zero” on Netflix. The protagonist Subaru repeatedly died and revived due to his special ability in the fantasy world to accomplish his goals. The second season is scheduled to be aired in 2020.
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